NTT franchise in Darrang|  NTT Course | NTT Center Recognition open Start in Darrang

NTT franchise in Darrang |  NTT Course | NTT Center Recognition open Start in Darrang

-मैक्स आई टी एवं व्यावसायिक प्रशिक्षण बोर्ड


भारत सरकार के अधिनियम 1958 व श्रम मंत्रालय द्वारा पंजीकृत

Regd. Under NCT & Ministry of Labour Govt. of India

Incorporated Under The Legislation of Government of India
Ministry Of Corporate Affairs & Labour Ministry Govt. of India

CR Act Department for promotion of Industry & Internal Trade Govt. of India

A National Programme of Information Technology Education & Development
(An Autonomous Board  Registered Under The SR Act Section 9(1) Act, 2012

(AN ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 29990:2010 Certified Organization)

Member of


Full Process to register with NTT franchise in Darrang |  NTT Course | NTT Center Recognition open Start in Darrang:

if you want to get information about NTT franchise in Darrang |  NTT Course | NTT Center Recognition open Start in Darrang/Early Child Care Education Diploma   read about Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training program is also known by the short name of NTT course!. The main aim of NTT course is to cater to the nursery (pre-primary) level teacher workforce in Darrang, Assam. NTT students are trained in areas like child education, teaching methodology, nursery level subjects & communication.

Where to take franchise for ntt/Register NTT Franchise/NTT franchise in Darrang:

how to register NTT Franchise
how to register NTT Franchise

Today when we search about NTT franchise in Darrang, Assam we saw so Many Website & Link about NTT/Early Child Care Education Diploma   Franchise but before Registration The thing that is important to know where to register NTT Franchise Detail are:

Different Between NCTE approved NTT & NCT  Approved Franchise: 

NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) Course 2 year Diploma course After 12th Class. After This Course Diploma Holder Provide/Give the Education to Children/Student up to Nursery Class. In Market today we Saw so Many Institute Provide NTT Education. E-Max India is one of them. To See our Registration Detail click on this link Today we will talk about whether these courses are done by NCTE or not.

We want to tell you that this course Used/Conducted by NCTE before 2013, But after 2013 This Course  Stopped doing by NCTE. & this all detail (Recognised Institutions) available on NCTE Official Website.  Now this course is not done by NCTE.  Now all Institute Provide this course Without NCTE, This Course is Very Important for Self Employment & Job.

Wherever, non-NCTE Diploma (NTT Diploma) will be asked, for job  you can apply in all those jobs For Example Anganwadi, Play School & all private School Etc.

Registered NTT franchise in Darrang / ntt course affiliation /Organization with Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD):

Today Mostly Center/Organization/Franchise Update on his Website/Banner that they are Registered  with MHRD, But that's not reality, They are Register (Prospectus/Course/logos) under Only Copyright Act.

Course Detail of NTT franchise in Darrang ntt course affiliation  for take franchise for ntt:

Term -1 (Theoretical)

  • (a) Child Psychology (b) Child Care & Health
  • Sociology & Guidance
  • School Organization
  • Principal of Education & Educational Psychology
  • Modern Methods of Teaching & Teaching Topic
  • (a) Working with Parents & Community
  • (b)  Pre Primary (Nursery) Education.

Term -2 (Practical)

  • Lesson Plan, Practical Files & School Teaching Practical
  • Nursery Rhymes, Group Songs,
  • English Poems & Patriotic Songs) & Viva.

NTT franchise in Darrang , N.T.T Courses Eligibility ntt course affiliation , Admission, Fees:

NTT franchise in Darrang Eligibility Criteria and Admission Details , N.T.T colleges, fees, qualification Detail in this link:

Name of the Course:          Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)
Duration:                             1 year/2 Years
Eligibility Criteria:             10+2 passed from a recognized board

NTT franchise in Darrang

NTT Course (Nursery Teacher Training) Documents  or Requirements for Admission Online or Offline in , NTT Course in Darrang

  • Student Qualification 12th Class
  • 2 Student Photo
  • Age Limit 18 years or Ablove
  • Age must be 18 Years Above.
  • Student Admission Form

Some Question About NTT Nursery Teacher Training Institute TRAINING education Institute Registration:

Before know about Registration Process of  NTT franchise in Darrang Read some Question:

  • Question 1: Can we register it online (Online Operation/Registration)?
  • Ans: Yes, You can register it both online or offline.
  • Question 2: What is the cost to get the institute registered? (Startup *Costs* )
  • Ans: To get the institute registered, you can start the registration according to your location and your budget.  Normal Cost 50000-300000.
  • Question 3: Can be operated from home?
  • Ans: Yes,You can also start it from home.
  • Question 4: Can be operated part-time?
  • Ans: Yes, You can also do it part time.
  • Question 4: Can i get a franchise now (Franchises Available)?
  • Ans: Yes, You can apply for franchise now
    How To Get Government Recognize For Computer Training Institute: Fill This Form

Full Process for Registration take franchise for NTT franchise in Darrang | Open of NTT Training Institute Center Franchise In Darrang . How to Register Institute with in 12 HRS:

Document Required for Starting take franchise for ntt Your Own NTT franchise in Darrang

Document required for (NTT) Nursery Teacher Training Center Franchise Center in  Darrang  :

  1. Institute Registration Certificate if any.
  2. Director Adhaar Card.
  3.  Passport size photos(2 Photo).
  4. Director Qualification Certificate.
  5. Franchise Form with all information.
  6. Center Franchise One time Service Fee.

Basic Requirements for  Starting Your Own NTT Nursery Teacher Training training institute /Training Center Franchise Registration Basic requirements Detail are:


Basic Requirements for take franchise for ntt,  NTT center Institute Franchise Registration Open:

  1. Building Requirements/Shop for NTT Franchise:

    If you have your own Building then you can teach them or not Take a shop on Rent for Open or Franchise of NTT.

  2. Machinery Or Computer/Laptopfor NTT Franchise:
      (For More detail  Apply Now)
  3. Location for NTT Franchise:

    “It is a Very Important Part of the Success of our Institute in which we have opened our Institute. Where  we Open Our Institute, there should be a school college or a bust stand or public place where people can easily come.” 

  4. Teacher for NTT Franchise:

    Any B.Ed NTT Diploma Holder or Early Childhood Care Diploma Teach in your Center

  5. Choosing No.1 NTT Franchise Brand Organization in Darrang:

    Before take any Franchise Read Franchise Registration Detail Very Carefully, E-Max India is the No.1 Education Brand in Darrang, Assam working Since 2007 with 4800+ Study Center in All Over India & to know more about our Registration Click on this link.

  6. Table & Chairs, Furniture for NTT Franchise:

    Buy  Table & Chairs (Furniture) on your Local Markite.

Apply Now For Admission    Apply now for Franchise 

Course Fee & Marketing of NTT Course:

  1. Course Fee: “Before designing course fee, we need to see our Investment, Course & Surrounding Area.”
  2. Marketing: “It is Understandable that the Center has found more than 100 Student within 1 month form center Opening date But Inside many Institutes Not more then 50 Student after 1 year. The Method of Marketing is responsible for all of this. We have formed a team for how to do marketing and how to earn double profit form our institute within 1 year & all of this will be absolutely free of cost for you. To Know more Click on the Click & Fill the formOur Team will help you all of this About Course/ Fee/Location ETC. More Than 3000+ Study Center across India are Growing with Us”.

Note: A good name will mirror the identity of the Institute. Here are some questions to consider.

  1. What is your company about?
  2. What are your core values?
  3. What makes your NTT training institute different?

Starting a NTT Training Center/Step For take franchise for ntt  Registration of NTT Nursery Teacher Training Institute:

To Register your NTT Center Follow 4 Simple Step/To get NTT Center Follow this Step For NTT Registration Franchise:

  1. Apply Now (Fill your Detail in form) Fill this Online form.
  2. After that E-Max Team Cont. you.
  3. Download the form & Fill your all Detail on form & Send on our Email with attach your document.
  4. Get The Registration Certificate.

List of NTT Teacher Training Colleges in Darrang| Top 10 NTT franchise in Darrang

Top 20 Center List who Take Franchise NTT Franchise Center in Darrang how to register NTT franchise in Darrang |  NTT Course | NTT Center Recognition open Start in Darrang

Emax India Centers in Darrang:
Photo Center Name Center Head Name Location Branch Code
UPT***************************************************************************542) Md In***l Ho**e Darrang, Assam ************542
ROY****************************************************************************538) MD Ka**m Ud**n Darrang, Assam ************538
M. **********************************************************498) Ms. Ak***a Kh***n Darrang, Assam ************498
TEZ******************************************************476) Mr. De*****h Bo**h Darrang, Assam ************476
MOO***********************************************463) Mr. Mi***j Ab**n Darrang, Assam ************463
SRI*******************************************************1) Mr. Sr*****a Go**i North Darrang, Assam ************451
COM*********************************************************19) Mr. Aj*y Ha**u Dima Hasao, Assam ************419
GAU*************************************************************414) Mr. Ga***m He***m Darrang, Assam ************414
STU******************************************************399) Mr. Pa***j Pa***t Darrang, Assam ************399
KHA*********************************************************383) Ms. As**a Kh*n Darrang, Assam ************383
TEC*******************************************************071) Mi*s. De**a Mi**a Darrang, Assam ************071
AAR***********************************************312) Ms. Aa**i Ku***i Darrang, Assam ************312
GEN***************************************************************************) Mr. De*a Ku**r Ra**a Darrang, Assam ************255
RIS*******************************************************************284) Mr. Be****a Ra**a Darrang, ASSAM ************284
RAH********************************************************************286) Mr. Ra**l Das Roy Darrang, Assam ************286
ASP**********************************************************************253) H.M. If*****r Ah**d Ba******a Darrang, Assam ************253
SMA*****************************************************************195) Mrs. Ra****a Be**m Darrang, Assam ************195
THE********************************************************************173) Ms. Am***a Ho**i Dima Hasao Assam ************173
DIS**********************************************************168) Mr. Ja****m Gum Si****o Darrang, Assam ************168
DEB***********************************************************************************165) Mr. Pu**l Ch***a Bo**h Darrang, Assam ************165

NTT Registration Affiliation Full Process NTT Recognition/Open/Start N.T.T PTT Course:

Get NTT Registration & NTT franchise in Darrang, Assam  & Know About Full Process of NTT Affiliation, Recognition NTT Center Start or Open Nursery Teacher Training. Get Now Affiliation? or you want How to get Affiliation;of NTT, The N.T.T. Course.

E-Max India NTT Training Center in Darrang:

Dalgaon (Pt) Kalaigaon (Pt) Khoirabari (Pt) Mangaldoi (Pt) Pathorighat (Pt) Sipajhar

Ai-Thanjhar Alikhash Alisinga Gaon Alisinga Janghal Atakata Chapori Badlichar Bagaribari NC Bagdia Bagharbari Bagichakash Bahabari Baigurmari Balabari Baligaon Balipara Grant Baraipara Baralimari N.C. Barangabari Barbari Bardowra Neja Barjhar Barjhar Grant Barkala Bagicha Barkhat Barkur Baruajhar Baruajhar 1/2 Baruapara Batabari Batabari Bebejiyagaon Bechimari Bechimari Bechimari Jangle Begar Kash Bhabapur Bhakatpara Bher Bheri Jhar Bherbheri Bil Bholabari Bholabarigaon Bhotpukhuri Bhullichuba Bihdia Biijulibari Bilpar Bologara Bongaligaon Bordowar Beel Borghulee Borgora Bagicha Burigaon Chakara Basti Chakaragaon Chamuakhat Chengelimari Chenialpara Chenibari Chikonmati Bagicha Chilabandha Chokabahi Chutipara Daipangpara Dalakati Dalakati Jungle Dalgaon Grant Dalgaon Town Dalgaonkhuti Deurigaon Dhansiri Kash Dhansiri Kash Chapari Dharanipur Dhekerigaon Dhupguri Barigaon Dongpara Dowarpara Duliapara Grant Fakirpara Gadhaijhar Gadhowa Chapori (No.2 Gadhowa Chapori) Ganakar Mati Garapari Chapori Garogaon Gelaidingi Gendapukhuri Jangle Gerakhat Geruah Ghansimalu Ghenamari Ghiladhari Gorapari Nispi Grandland Bagicha Gulandi Kash Habi Gulandi T.E. Hirapara Islampur Islampur Jakuapara Jamalpur Jangalpara Jhargaon Jhargaon No.1 Jhargaon No.2 Jogipara Kacharipara Kacharipara Kacharipara Jangal Kadamtala Bagicha Kaharpara Kahibari Kakal Bhangi Jogi Gaon Kalita Para (Kantapara) Karaibari Karmipara Kashichar Kasomari Nepali Kasomari Sonaribasti Kasomarichapari Kasomarichar (Kachomari) Kawadanga Keot Chuba Khajuabil Kharparichapari Kharupatia (TC) Khataniapara Kherani N.C. Khetaswar Khoirakata (Khirakata) Khokjani (Sokhjani) Konakatapara Kopati bagicha Koupatigaon Koupatigrant (No.2 Koupatigrant) Ladabari Lao Duar Latakhat Madhabgohain Grant Madhupur Mahaliapara Majorgaon No.1 Mandalpara Mauchitha Gasor Gor Mazgaon No.1 Morabegarpar Mowamari Na-mati Gaon Nadirkash Nadirmukh Nadirpar Nagazani Nakhat Nalbari Nanglichar N.C. Nawgaon Nepaligaon Niz Baruajhar Niz Dalgaon Niz Gadhaijhar Niz Kharupetia Niz Nagazan Niz Shyamabari No.1 Arimari No.1 Atakata Chapori No.1 Barjhar No.1 Borgara Khuti No.1 Chikonmati No.1 Durangbazar No.1 Gadhowa Chapori No.1 Galandikash No.1 Garapari Chapori No.1 Kacharibhetitop No.1 Kharupetia No.1 Khetaswar No.1 Kopati Grant No.1 Kuwaripukhuri No.1 Madhagohain No.1 Magurmari No.1 Mollapara No.1 Puniagaon No.1 Shyampurchapari No.1 Sialmarikhuti No.1 Thekerabari No.2 Arimari No.2 Atakata Chapori No.2 Barjhar No.2 Borgara Khuti No.2 Chikonmati No.2 Durangbazar No.2 Galandikash No.2 Kacharibhetitop No.2 Kharupetia No.2 Kuwari Pukhuri No.2 Madha Gohain No.2 Magurmari No.2 Mazgaon No.2 Mazgaon No.2 Mollapara No.2 Puniagaon No.2 Shyampurchapari No.2 Sialmarikhuti No.2 Thekerabari No.3 Arimari No.3 Baruajhar No.3 Chikonmati No.3 Durangbazar No.3 Galandikash No.3 kacharibhetitop No.3 Khetaswar (No.2 Khetaswar) No.3 Madhabgohain No.3 Shyampurchapari No.3 Sialmarikhuti No.3 Thekerabari No.4 Arimari No.4 Baruajhar No.4 Shyampurchapari No.4 Silamarikhuti No.5 Arimari No.5 Baruajhar Nowrachisa (Naorasisa) Ondolajar Orang Protected Area (RF) Outala (Outala Grant) Owarpara Ozagaon Pakoribari Panbari Gaon Panbari Habi Paniakhat Paschim Padokhat Podopari Gaon Pub Chuba Pub Padokhat Puniagaon Puthiakhat Rahmanpur Raja Hauli Raja Pukhuri Grant Raja Pukhuri Habi Rangagarakhuti Rangagarapathar Rohinikakh Rowmari Ruhinikhuti Sarbaherua Sarichabari Serpur Sialmari (Sialmari Mazgaon) Sialmari Mazgaon Sialmari Nepali Silbari Simalubari Simaluguri Simaluguri Kachari Gaon Sitalmari N.C. Sowtalgaon Takimari Tangni Jhar Teteligorh Tetelli Bhanguri Thalthalibill Ulubari Akalibari Amgurigaon No.1 Amgurigaon No.2 Bagharbari Bagichachubagaon Bahjani Bakrajhar Bagicha Balipara Balipota Bangaon (Bongaon) Bannaguri Barangabari Barjhar Barkala Khas Barkalabagicha Barpukhurigaon Baruahauligaon Batabari No.1 Batabarigaon No.2 Bhakat Para Bhangabarua (Bhangabaruachuba) Bheguri Bholabari Bholabari Bagicha BhuyaynKhat Botiamari (Baliamari) Chintagaon Choudhuri Para Dakhin Bhekelikanda Dakhin Bokrajhar Dakhin Kuiabil Dala Grant (Dalas Grant) Dalaiapara Damaruguri Dewargaon Durga Gaon Ganakpara Gargari Chuba Garia Para Garubandha Geruagaon Habibhanga Hapabari Hapamara Hatibandha Hiraparagaon Jabari Kuchi JengaiJhar Jhakuapara Jhargaon Jhilika Khat Jhilkapara Kabiraligaon Kachari Para Kacharital Kadamguri Kadamtalagaon Kaith Para Kalaigaon Town Kalaigaon Town Part (CT) Kalitapara Kamarpara Kawaimari Khairabari Khas Bakrajhar Khas Ranthali Lakhimpur Madeligaon Majarchuba Makelikanda Mougaon Naharbari Namjalah Naptipara Neog Para Niz Kalaigaon Nizdalgaon No.1 Kalaigaon Bagicha No.2 Kalaigaon Bagich Oza Gaon Pakimurigaon Pariapara Pashim Jangalpara Pub Jangalpara Puthimarigaon Ranthali Bagicha (Ranta Bagicha) Rupatal Bagicha Sagunbahi Samala Khat Sengapathar Singramari Bagicha Sundhyabari Tamara Tengabari Bagicha Tephakhat Tezialpara Thepakhat Tokankata Udmari Uttar Bakrajhar Uttar Barpukhuri Uttar Bhekelikanda Uttar Kuiabil Arengpara Atelia Athiabari Khat Badurihabi Bagaribari Bagpari Bah mullagaon Banderigaon Bar-Tangla Barakhat Barangabari Barara Barbali Sitha Barigaon Barnadijhar Batabari Batabari No.1 Batabari No.2 Betagaon Bez Bhageti Bhergaon Bholaguri Borora Khat Borzamuguri Buduragon Charanpara Chenialpara Chewni Darogakhat Daul Chuba Debaguri Dewanpukhuri Dewripara Dhopguri Dhupguri Dingdangpara Dongpara Dud Garhmakha Garangapara Gharanikhat Ghogapara Gomthapara Gopchachuba Gurihati Harsapara Hatibandha Jaganathgaon Jalukbari Jhargaon Kacharidag Kacharipara Kaljuri Kathalbari Kawi Mari Khagrabari (Khagrabari No.2) Khagragaon Khairabari Town Khusaigaon Kuhiarkuchi Mahaliapara Mahaliapara Mahia Khat Malmura Mazar Chuburi Nalbari Nanoikhuti Nichilamari Niz Chinakona No.1 Bainara Satra No.1 Rowmari No.2 Boinara Satra No.2 Rowmari Panisela Patalagaon Rangagaon Rangajulikhat Rupakhat Sabukdhara Saikiapara Salaipara Sareng Selaimari Singrimari Sub-Mahaliapara Sukuliapara Symabari Tamulbari Thakuriapara Thanapara Udmari Umananda Adhamapara Adhikari Ahaka Chuburi Alagjhari Algachar N.C. Aparia Baghpori Chapori Bainaojha Para Bamunpara Bandia Chapori Bandia Gaon Bangabara Chuburi Bantabu N.C. Bar - Satra Barampur Baranga Bari Barangabari Barathiabari Barjhar Bagicha Barkumar Para Barnagaon Barthekera Bari Bechimari Bezpara Bhaluk Khowa Para Bhanguri - Chuba Bhebarghat Bherpori Chapori Bhokeli Kanda Bhokelimara Dal Bologaratuk Bora Chuba Chalani Kuchi Chamuapara Chandowapara Chandrachar Chengeliapara Chereng Chapori Choto Athiabari Choto Nagaon Daha Chuburi Dalgaon Grant Daria Para Dekargaon Dewanagaon Gadhiapara Gakhir Khowa Para Ganak Para Ganderi Mari Gariapara Garkhowa Para Gerimari Chapori (CT) Ghatua Para Grand Land Bagicha Hatipori Hengerajhar Jaberikuchi Jamuguri Jhargaon Jogipara Kabikara (Kalikara) Kacharibari Bagicha Kachomari Kameipara Kanai Chuba (Kania Para) Kaniatari Kanmuzi Bagicha Kapili Satra Kehotali (Kendutali) Keot Para Kharpori Chapori Khodoumara Kowar Para Kumar Para Kumar Para Kuyapanipara Lankapuri Mahaliajhar Bagicha Mangaldai Gaon Mangaldoi (MB) Mathanga Chuburi Maz Chuburi Medhi-Chapori Medhipara Misamari Mohanpur Mollapara Monitari Mowamari N.C. Aparia N.C. Arikati N.C. Chatihara N.C. Gasbari N.C. Hiloikhunda N.C. Kajiachar N.C. Kayamari N.C. Mirgamari N.C. No.1 Nanglichar N.C. No.3 Nanglichar N.C. No.4 Nanglichar N.C. No.5 Nanglichar N.C. Piajorchar N.C.Chaulkhowa N.C.Ganeshbali Na - Hawli Nagaon Naharbari Niz - Chapai Niz Dahi Niz Mangalbecha Niz Rangamari No.1 Bangalpota No.1 Bezpara No.1 Bhokelimara Chapori No.1 Borolekhaiti No.1 Chaulkhowa No.1 Dhariakhaiti No.1 Ghotarah Chapori No.1 Hetow Chapori No.1 Rowmari No.2 Bangalpota No.2 Bezpara No.2 Bhokelimara Chapori No.2 Borolekhaiti No.2 Chaulkhowa No.2 Dhariakhaiti No.2 Ghotarah Chapori No.2 Hetow Chapori No.2 Nanglichar N.C. No.2 Rowmari No.3 Bangalpota No.3 Borolekhaiti Pakabangipara Patalsingpara Punia Puthimari N.C. Rajapukhuri Bagicha Ramhari Chuba Ruperi Kash Saikiapara Salaipara Sareng Chuburi Saruthekerabari Tamulipara Tengabari Upahupara Alikhapara Athkuria Bagachala Baghmarapukhuri Bairagipara Balikuchi Bamunjhar Baneikuchi Barbari Bareri Barkaliajhar Barpathar Batabari Bheruadal Bheruadolgaon Bihaigaon Bishnupur Borigaon Borigaon Burahdaichapara Burahkhat Burhagaon Chakarmukh Chamukha Dol Chengapara No.1 Dagiapara Duni Durduria Gangapukhuri Ghavara Ghilakuri Ghopeli Ghorasal Goalpara Hangalpara Haripur Hirapara Hussain Chuburi Jayantipur Jayapur Kahitali Kamargaon Kaoikaragaon Karaibari Katahi Kenduguri Kharkhowapara Khasdipila Khatara Kotara Kumarpara Kumarpara Kumarpara Lathapara Lozora Maharipara Mahtali Malibaritari Mohaliapara Muslimghopa Nagaon Nagaon Naodingerdal Naopota Naptapara Niranchuba Niz-Barampur Niz-Sarabari No.2 Chengapara Padmajhar Patharighat Patidarrang Pipirakuchi Potapukhuri Ramgaon Ramraipara Sakiapara Salikajhar Samatiapara Sanapatipara (Sentipukhuri) Santipukhuri Sarabari Barampur Sonarisal Taragaon Tengara Titkuchi Bachachuba Badiasisa Bajana Pathar Balipara Baman Pathar Barathiabari Barbari Bhati Kuruah Bhotardal Bhuktabari Bijulibari Byas Para Chamuapara Cholardal Chotoathiabari Dakhin Chuburi Dakhin Kuruah Dakhin Kuruah No.1 Dakhin Kuruah No.2 Debananda Satra Dhalpur No.1 (Dijolpur No.1) Dhalpur No.2 (Dijolpur No.2) Dhalpur No.3 (Dijolpur No.3) Dheki Para Dhoka Para Dostany Duari Para Dumunichoki Ganakbari Gandhia Pathar Gharoa Sonapur Ghopa Gopalpur Haldha Hatimuria (46 Hatimuria) Hazarikapara Hetemtola Jhakuwapara K. Kuruwa (Kuruwagaon) Kabai Chuba Kachari Para Kalitapara Kamarchuba Kanidal Khalihai Gaon Khalihai Pathar Khanapara Pt.1 Khanapara Pt.2 Khas Sonapur Khatar Pathar Khatikuchi Kira Kara N.C. Kowarijan Kurua Chapari Kuwari Gaon Mahariadal Maijali Majar Chuba (Majar Chuba No.2) Majar Chuba No.1 Malibaritari Maroi Maruwa Chuburi Meta Para N.C. Kurua Chapari Naljhahi Narikali Nayak Para Niz Salmara Nizsipajhar Pachim Chuba Pachim Kuruah Pakabangipara Patgirichuba Phuhuratali Pithakhowa Punia Rajapukhuri Ruparikash Salmara Sanowa Sanowatari Satgharia Satkhali Satmadar Singmari Solpam Suktaguri No.1 Suktaguri No.2 Suktaguri Pathar Sutiakata Tekeliakur Grant Upper Kuruwa Veheni Chapari


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