As per the Local Public and Industry demand, ITI has introduced different type of following Courses under the short term and Long term ( Distance ) Courses. These Courses are totally Job oriented and Self Employable.

Course Information

Course Fee: 10000/- Rs for 1 year, 20000/- for 2 year

1. Electrician

There is nothing to explain when you say the word electrician. If you are low skilled and just have completed your matriculation then Electrician is really good ITI course for you.

2. Fitter

Fitting courses are also available and it is also for low skilled candidates. Fitter’s course for ITI takes at least 2 years and you can start right after your 10th.

3. Carpenter

Carpenter course is also for low skilled candidates and it can be taken up right after matriculation. The ITI course is minimum 2 years long and they teach you how to be a good carpenter.

4. Foundry Man

Foundry Man is a course for just 1 year. And the minimum qualification that you need to have is just 8th. Yes not even matriculation. So you can imagine it is for less educated candidates.

5. Book Binder

ITI courses for Book Binder are available in states like Maharashtra and Kerala. The minimum duration of the course could be just 1 year.

6. Plumber

Plumbing jobs are very high on demand. You can easily get a diploma being a certified plumber. Courses are for 2 years as well as 3 years. You need to decide which one you are going to pick.

7. Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker is also an Industrial foundry course. You just have to pass 8th standard and the duration of the course is 2 years. The courses are given in 5 states of India.

8. Mason Building Constructor

Mason Building Constructor is just 1 year long course and you have to be 8th passed. Here you have to do building related work like renovation, mason work etc. Prospects are really great.

9. Advanced Welding

Welding courses for ITI in India is for 1 year and 2 years. If you have completed your 8th then it is enough take up this ITI course and get a diploma

10. Wireman

Wireman jobs are readily available and the course is only for 1 year. You can take up the course right after 8th class.

11. Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal worker job is all about repairing metal products. You just have to 8th passed and more than 15 states in India offer ITI courses for Sheet Metal worker.

12. Tool and Die Maker

Tool and Die makers is all about chemical engineering however here you just have to learn how to use them. You can get diploma if you complete 1 year course.

13. Moulder

Moulder is a craftsman moulding vocational ITI courses. Here you have to pass at least matriculation or 10th. And the course is 2 years long given in more than 6 states in India

14. Welder Gas and Electric

Welder Gas and Electric is also a vocational training course that requires you to complete 8th standard. If you live in Maharashtra then there are many ITI colleges for this particular course.

15. Turner

Turner’s could easily be employed at companies like SAIL, GAIL, Goa Shipyard etc. The duration of the course is 2 years and you have to pass 10th standard.

16. Advanced Tool and Die Making

Diploma in Tool and Die making course could be 3 years long with minimum qualification of 10th. The fees could be up to Rs 20,000/- a year. But the prospects are great.

17. Painter General

In this ITI course you learn about applying paint, finishing surfaces inside and outside, leveling materials etc. The course is 2 years long with 4 semester and you have to be 8th passed.

18. Machinist

ITI in Machinist is a course for 2 years and you have to complete 10th or matriculation before you take up the course. The job prospect is really great if you get a diploma.

19. Draughtsman Mechanical

The ITI course duration for Draughtsman Mechanical is 2 years and you have to pass 10th with science and math. Apprenticeship training could be 3 years long but will be fit for being employed.

20. Mechanic Machine Tools Maintenance

Mechanic Machine tools Maintenance is bit technical, you have to be 10th pass with science and math. It is also a diploma course with 2 years’ time period and they teach about machinery and equipment.

21. Mechanic Computer Hardware

Now following ITI courses are bit technical and you need to have certain educational background. The ITI course for Mechanic Computer Hardware could be 2 years or 3 years long.
You have to be 10th pass and courses are available in more than 15 states.

22. Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioner

The diploma course for mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioner could be 1 year long. And you have to be 8th pass. You can easily find a job after completion of this ITI course.

23. Mechanic Watch and Clock

It is also a yearlong course where you will be taught about repairing watch and clock. . You just have to be 8th pass.

24. Mechanic Motor Vehicle

As you can see the above four ITI courses in the list and coming four are about Mechanic.

The jobs are in high demand for motor mechanics. If you can complete a 2 years long course from any ITI then you can find a job easily.

25. Machine Tool Maintenance

After 10th this 2 year long ITI course could be great. If you want a diploma in Machine tool maintenance then you have to be 10th pass with science and math.

26. Mechanic Radio and Television

You must have completed 10th class and your age must be above 16 years. You get a diploma after completing this 2 years course.

27. Mechanic Diesel

The ITI course for mechanic diesel is 1 year long and you just have to be 8th pass.

28. Instrument Mechanic

Instrument Mechanic is also a great ITI course. You must get a diploma in this course. The course is 2 years long and you have to be 10th pass.

29. Instrument Mechanic Chemical Plant

Here you have to deal with chemical plant. The course duration is 2 years and you have to be 10th pass.

30. Architectural Draughtsman ship

It is better advised that you take up this course which is 3 years long and get a diploma. You have to be 10th pass for this course. The job prospects are really great.

31. Metrology and Engineering Inspection

Following ITI courses are technical and it requires certain educational background.

The diploma course could be 3 years long and you have to be 10th pass before you apply for this course.

32. Electrical Maintenance

The course duration for electrical maintenance is just 2 years. There are various skills that you will acquire after completing the course. You can be self employed and employed by others also.

33. Electroplater

Electroplater ITI course is 2 years long with four semesters and you have to be 10th pass. Here you are taught about coating gold, silver, nickel and other metals.

34. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant

Surprisingly the ITI course duration for computer operator and programming assistant is just 1 year. Here you are introduced about hardware systems, setting control and codes etc. You have to be 10th pass.

35. Advanced Electronics

Advanced electronics course could be 2 years to 3 years long and you must have completed 10th with science and math. Here you learn about basics of electronics.

36. Electronic Mechanic

You must have passed matriculation and the ITI course is 2 years long with 4 semesters. You learn everything about electronic equipment

37. Network Technician

Network Technician course could be just 6 months long. You get a diploma for learning about networks. You must be 10th pass before applying for the course.

38. Pre Preparatory School Management Assistant

The duration of Pre Preparatory school management assistant ITI course is just one year with 2 semesters. You must be 10th pass.

39. Principles of Teaching

Now following courses are really great for women. The course is one year long and you learn about teaching.

40. Secretarial Practice

The diploma in Secretarial Practice is for 10+2 passed students or graduates. Here you learn typing, basic computer, receptionist’s chore etc.

41. Baker and Confectioner

The ITI course for Baker and confectioner is just one year long and you have to be 10th pass. After learning this course you can start your own bakery.

42. Cutting and Sewing

This is really great for women. You just have to be 8th pass and course duration is just 1 year. This ITI course is available in almost every state of the country.

43. Hair and Skin care

Women can join the ITI diploma course in Hair and Skin. It is just for 1 year and you have to be 10th pass for this course.

44. Stenography English

This course is also 1 year long and you have to be 10th pass. They teach you shorthand correspondence, reports etc.


Now following ITI courses are bit technical.

CAD CAM courses can be 1 year long or 2 years long. They are full time courses and you have to be 10th passed.

46. Desk Top Publishing Operator

The ITI course for Desktop publishing is one year long with 2 semesters. You have to be 10th pass and you learn everything about desktop publishing. Job prospects are really great.

47. Interior Decoration and Designing

The course could be 1 year long and you have to be 10th passed. You must expect yourself to be self employed if you are taking up this course.

48. Heat Engine Automobile

This is a lesser known ITI course but you can try if you have interest in automobile and their engine. The course is just 1 year long.

49. Driver Cum Mechanic Light Motor Vehicle

There is also an ITI course for Driver cum mechanic lighter motor vehicle. The course is just 6 month long and you have to be 10th pass.

50. Surveyor

The last ITI course in our list is of Surveyor. The course is one year long and you must have completed your 10th.

Industrial in Electrical Repair & Maintenance

1 year

The Industrial Electronics & Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma program prepares students for careers in the use and maintenance of common electrical/electronic devices and instruments. Graduates will be prepared to work with journeymen electricians and electromechanical technicians to perform the basic installation, maintenance and repair activities on industrial electronic equipment. This equipment includes motors, motor control systems and programmable logic controllers. The program's electronics concentration includes practical experience in troubleshooting with the necessary theory of electronic circuits. Additional maintenance applications include pneumatic and hydraulic power, mechanisms and mechanical devices.

program Outcomes

  • Apply safety policies, standards, practices and procedures to the industrial environment
  • Use the terminology in the field of electronics
  • Read and interpret electrical/electronic drawings
  • Analyze electronic circuits
  • Perform tests using common electronic equipment
  • Troubleshoot electrical/electronic systems
  • Demonstrate necessary mathematical skills
  • Demonstrate configuration of computer controlled equipment
  • Demonstrate machine control understanding
  • Demonstrate basic hydraulic and pneumatic knowledge
  • Develop programs to operate and monitor automated equipment